Wednesday, September 15, 2010

nerdy techy goodness

last week i had a bad situation turn into an incredible, thanks to the folks at apple, inc.

i've had the same macbook for almost 4 years now.  it's a great machine and has been incredibly reliable.  much like my honda civic.  last tuesday i'm online, putzing around on some websites when my macbook suddenly freezes.  i'm unable to get it to do anything so i shut it down then reboot it.  upon rebooting, all i get is a white screen with a folder in the middle that has a question mark inside it, blinking.  i do some research online (thanks to julie & i getting blackberries the previous weekend) and discover it's most likely a hard drive issue.  not good.  as in not $500 good.

as i researched more, i found out that in february apple issued a warranty on macbooks like mine for hard drive issues.  suddenly things looked brighter.  when i went to the apple store at san tan village (a shopping center near where we live), the genius told me the warranty ended on august 15.  3 weeks earlier.  my heart sank.  he quickly followed that up with saying since it was within 1 month he could extend it to me.  yay!  the next day i had my macbook back.  to top it off, it now has an extra 100 gigs of memory and they upgraded the operating system to OS 10.5.  I previously had 10.4.

the only downside is they were unable to save anything that i had save on my computer.  fortunately all my music, pics & important documents saved on an external hard drive.

apple definitely went out of their way to make a customer happy.  i now have, for all intents and purposes, a new computer that will hopefully last another 4 years.  and someone who will be forever loyal to apple.