Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ms. Betty Brown

I find this article to be most unappealing. I think Ms. Brown should rethink her need to be sensitive to the fact that we are a nation of MANY ethnicities and that by asking one to change their name so that it makes it "easier for Americans to deal with" is insulting and ignorant on SO many levels.

1- the fact that she is so concerned with stupid americans' inability to pronounce another's name is selfish and excluding
2- the fact that she uses the term "deal with" automatically implies an inconvenience to the white majority and therefore creates an inequal power structure
3- she doesn't mention whether or not the Chinese and asian persons can speak english. She probably would say that "THEY SPEAK SO WELL" in a loud tone as if they were hearing impaired
4- her location in the state of TX probably means that they have a high Hispanic population and while it probably is easier for the stupid americans to pronounce "gonzales", they too probably do a diservice to the name by not pronouncing it correctly anyway. it's probably all americanized with overtones of a southern drawl. Besides, there are many last names from descendants of white races and ethnicities that are equally difficult to pronounce and yet she doesn't call for them to change their names.
5 - and while we're at it, asking for someone to change their name to be more american is like asking Ms. Brown to get rid of her thick texan accent so that other americans can understand her. or perhaps she appreciates the irritating sound of her voice.
6- for that matter, i suppose the name "park" or "lee" can be too complicated for stupid americans
7- what she is saying continues to promote dominant white supremacy in a culture where others would not question or object to what she is saying. This is problematic and contributes to the systemic racism in this country.
8- she is asking for "you and your citizens" to give up an essential part of their identity. I would bet the ranch that she would be highly offended if someone asked her to give up her tea parties, her southern drawl and all the other things a good little texan woman should do.

Ms. Brown, bless your heart, do not spread your ignorance and inabilities to fully represent your constituencies. These people are probably the ones that elected you to the position you are in now. So think carefully about the ones you now trod upon.