Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Vacuum

With risking sounding like Monica from Friends, I must say...I LOVE OUR NEW VACUUM!!!!

We had a nice little vacuum that was about 6 years old. It still was in good condition but the suction wasn't working as well. Or as Brian says, "you can't even tell that I vacuumed."

Plus, this past week, Brian was tested for different allergies and discovered he is allergic to pet dander, several types of trees, dust mites and ragweed.

So we embarked on a cleaning adventure which ensued in purchasing a new vacuum. We love the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. After we assembled it easily, we broke in the new cleaner and proceeded to eliminate the dust mites and pet hair that have been invading our life. We had to empty the dirt container SIX times! SIX!

The carpet feels like its brand new, all soft and dirt free (or at least significantly reduced).

We are happy. Allergies at bay. Yay!