Friday, June 5, 2009

Diversity Quiz

This quiz comes from Lee Mun Wah - a leader in diversity issues. Check out his website.

This is a small sampling of clichés that folks use all over this country, not knowing that they are sometimes offensive and can shut someone down from talking about diversity issues or experiences. Circle the ones you have used and put a check mark around those that you have no idea why they might be harmful. Think of who you might ask if you wanted to find out why they were harmful.

  1. I don’t see color. We’re all just human beings.
  2. We have more similarities than differences.
  3. I think deep down we’re all the same.
  4. Racism/sexism happens all over the world.
  5. I think some people use diversity as an excuse.
  6. I think identifying into groups only further divides us.
  7. There are lots of other diversity issues other than race and gender.
  8. I’ve never seen that happen before. Are you sure it happened?
  9. Why does everything have to be so politically correct?
  10. I was just joking. You’re being too serious!
  11. Things are a lot better than they used to be. Don’t you agree?
  12. We’d hire more women and people of color, but are they qualified?
  13. I love everyone.
  14. Do you really think it’s that bad?
  15. I’m so glad you’re not like one of them.
  16. You know, you’re a credit to your people.
  17. You don’t see other races complaining.
  18. I think its reverse racism/sexism.
  19. America is the best place to live.
  20. Some of my best friends are colored.
  21. You speak such good English, where did you learn it from?

* Excerpt from Lee Mun Wah’s upcoming book, Let’s Get Real- What People of Color Can’t Say & Whites Won’t Ask


Josh said...

While I'm in no position to agree or disagree with those statements, it's amazing how some of them have changed for me, based on my experiences overseas her and seeing differences in religion, race, culture, etc. Some of those statements I believe really DO apply, in some cases, here in such an international setting. I just hope that when I go back home, the phrases that are "ok" to think over here won't be misapplied back home. The internal race, gender,and other issues we have in the US are "homegrown," that is, they're OUR issues...unique to us (yes...the same issues exist, but each has their own cultural stamp on it). Plus, for the sake of argument, we're talking here about citizens who are still getting treated badly by others because of their race or ethnicity. Here, hardly anyone is a citizen--white or arab--so the issues of who's getting discriminated against (or in a positive way) are much different.

I think if we get to hang out this summer, we'll have some fun talks. :) I hope you can come up with Brian to Ohio!