Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the last one

perhaps you saw my status update if you follow me on facebook and/or twitter. i had my last ever episode of my radio show "the movement regression" on WRFN last wednesday. i've had this show since April 2005, when WRFN 1st opened itself to the airwaves.

i played a lot of songs that mean a lot to me, that have some sort of connection for me. the show started off with "alive & awake" by mortal. this is the song that i point to that started the whole musical addiction for me way back in high school. also on the playlist that night were the prayer chain's "sky high", mew's "snow brigade", "graveyard girl" by m83 and songs by explosions in the sky, stavesacre, mogwai, and a bunch of others. it was fun putting together a string of songs that connect to my heart like that.

the people at WRFN were kind enough to let me do an extra hour for my last show, which was nice because it allowed me to fit in more songs that mean a lot to me. i found myself feeling nostalgic & melancholy during those 3 hours, remembering all the memories that i've had in that studio over the past 4.5 years. memories like having my friends in the band ide (now the antennas) play a few songs during one of my 1st shows there. another was when my friends jeff d. and josh s. from philadelphia came to visit, resulting in them hanging out in the studio with me one night.

i also remember doing some shows when julie & i started dating. she would often listen online, and listen to my "sexy voice" (her words, not mine) while we would IM back & forth to each other. she, of course, went to the studio a few times too.

part of the point of this post is to thank those of you who have listened over the years. it was incredible when i would get feedback & song requests from people as the show rolled on.

i was able to record my show, thanks to a wonderful program called radiolover that records online streams to your computer as they play. i have the past few months of shows on my macbook thanks to that program.

so for now i'm saying "good-bye" to radio. i may have another opportunity to do it after julie & i move to phoenix in a few weeks. until that happens, i can definitely say i appreciated the hours i spent playing music i love over the air.