Thursday, August 6, 2009

...and on a related note

this, my friends, is why i love the interwebs. i love learning about new things, especially when it comes to music. and especially, especially when it's about some long-forgotten part of music.

i came across this post this afternoon. it's about the blues before it became, well, the blues. it talks about how white america stepped in, with the influence of rock & roll, and changed the course of the blues forever. it talks about the original intention of the blues not being something you can dance to, or even sing along to. it was something to listen to. to take in and ponder. to absorb, and make part of the very fabric of your being.

i think this is why i am drawn to the blues. that even today it still maintains that essence of pondering life's deeper meanings. that's something most of today's music isn't able to do.

on a somewhat related note (but not entirely), i also came across this video of ray charles doing a cover of johnny cash's "ring of fire". it has ray's touches to it, and is a nice little display of his many talents.