Sunday, November 29, 2009

many, many things...

i'm sure you've noticed the past couple blog updates, but you may be wondering what else julie and i have been up to over the past couple weeks.   i'll try to do this chronologically.  :)

julie and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on november 3.  one of the things we did was go to the tempe improv a few weekends ago and saw comedian ralphie may put on a show.  he was quite funny, even heckling some of the audience members.  that following weekend, julie & i had a fun time in payson, az and flagstaff, az celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary and my new job.   this was my first time to flagstaff.  it was nice and cold there, since it's high up in the mountains.   when we arrived in flagstaff, our 1st stop was at the beaver street brewery for lunch.  we had some great, yummy, sweet chili that hit the spot. we then went to the museum of northern arizona, where we learned about the history of native americans in the area, as well as a bit of cowboy life.  we also ate at a couple places that have been featured on diners, drive-ins & dives.  

we spent thanksgiving weekend here in phoenix.  julie's aunt kathy flew from washington d.c. for the holiday.  it was the 1st time since spring 2006 that we had seen her, when we went to d.c. to see her.  naturally we had lots of turkey in the midst of a very full house.  we also watched the detroit lions do the 1 thing they are very good at...lose.  saturday afternoon we went to the final arizona state football game of the season, when they played their rivals the university of arizona.  what did they do?  they lost, too.  walking into the game was fairly entertaining, as julie's dad trash-talked some U of A fans on our way to the stadium.  and yes, her family is VERY passionate about ASU.  i find it quite entertaining.

julie and i have decided on a church home.  we've decided on dayspring umc.  we've gone there for several sundays, and we like what it has to offer.  julie has known the senior pastor, jane, for quite a while.  i've found that i really like her sermons.  she doesn't do the normal sermon of starting with a story or joke related to the sermon, then transitioning into the meat of her sermon.  she seems to pick a topic or theme, and weave her sermon around that.  today's sermon was based on hope.  which was very topical, considering it was the 1st sunday of advent.   we thank you if you've been praying for us in our search for a church home.