Saturday, May 1, 2010

going, going...

the other night, i had a red-letter moment.  as i've mentioned previously, i've taken advantage of the park a block behind julie's parent's house for the past several months by running around it repeatedly in an effort to get healthier.

when julie and i moved to arizona, i was weighing in at around 230 pounds.  for someone who is only 5'9", that's not good.  when i weighed myself a couple nights ago, i discovered i am down to 199!!  that's the 1st time in years i've been below 200 pounds in years.  it's a great feeling, realizing success like that.  while i'm not to my ideal body weight yet, i know i'm well on my way and can't wait to be there later this year.

i've noticed that i have 3 basic pieces that have made this weight loss process successful so far.  the 1st is regular cardio exercise.  by running for about an hour 3 times a week (at least), it's really helped me burn through calories and keep my metabolism up.  the 2nd is portions.  i've paid a lot more attention to how much i eat, realizing i don't need 2nd helpings all the time.  the 3rd is watching what i eat.  i still eat sweets and drink sodas.  i just have less of them.  this process may not work for you, but it has for me.

what i've learned (so far) in this process is that real weight loss is about a lifestyle change.  i don't use any special diets, aside from making sure i eat vegetables and fruits everyday.  and i cut down on carbohydrates.   but it's really deciding each day that the goal of losing the weight is more important than the short-term satisfaction of that candy bar...or bag of potato chips...or eating fast food.

i also want to thank julie for pushing me along in this process and encouraging me to get out and run regularly.  especially in the beginning.