Monday, August 2, 2010

striking a chord...

even outside of "music city usa" my music passion flourishes.  while i haven't purchased a ton of CD's since we moved to the phoenix area last year, i have come across a bunch that i think should be shared.  keep in mind, these fall under the "new to me" category, although some are actually new-ish.  some i have come across thanks to the library system, so they are now on my iPod (which is named "medpod").  here are some of my favorite recent discoveries.

silversun pickups - "swoon":  i love the guitar effects this band uses.  while their 1st album, "carnavas" wasn't that impressive, "swoon" is full of stand-out tracks.  they have some elements of shoegazer (always a fav for me) with moodiness thrown in for good measure.  "panic switch" and "the royal we" are a couple favorite tracks.

bobby womack - "the soul of":  this is actually a best of collection.  at some point over the past year or so, i heard "across 110th street" (a song he wrote for the 70s blaxploitation film of the same name) and the chorus seemed permanently stuck in my head.  this meant only one thing.  i had to get the song.  i can't say i like every song on "stop on by", but bobby womack had a knack for writing great hooks.   the 1st song on the album, "daylight" i am completely addicted to.   simply great 70s soul. 

jonsi -  "go":  if you don't know, this is the 1st solo album from the vocalist of sigur ros.  their album "takk" is easily in my all-time top 10, so i was eager to hear what he would do on his own.  i became even more excited after hearing his interview on npr's "all songs considered" back in march.  he does so much with song textures and sweeping orchestral arrangements.  epically beautiful.  the songs "tornado" and "animal arithmetic" are great examples.

stavesacre - "against the silence EP":  alas, this very well could be the swan song for one of my all time favorite bands.  5 songs of bittersweetness.  i do realize that's not technically a word, but i'm going with it.  it comes very much in their recognizable melodic hardcore time signature.  my favorite song is "...the band played on", followed by "the dash on my headstone".

that's a small peak into my recent music addictions & i can't wait to hear what other ones i'll come across in the future.