Monday, May 19, 2008

amnesia...or whatever that word is that means "i can't fall asleep"

have you ever had one of those nights when you just can't slip off into dreamyville, even though you are definitely tired? that's me, right now, and why i'm posting a blog at 12:30 -ish in the a.m. on a school night. so, i'll take advantage of this time to share a few things.

1) friday night my friend Ted & i saw the founders of coolpeoplecare speak a bit about their new book "New Day Revolution". it's essentially about basic, simple ways you can change your life on a daily basis to make a difference. it covers everything from recycling, to getting involved with charities, to effective ways to develop better community. the website focuses on stuff like that, too. side note: i'm discovering i love seeing authors speak about their books.

2) i recently discovered a new favorite band. they're from (of all places) france. M83 is that band, and they have that lush layered sound that i just fall in love with every time. their song "Graveyard Girl" caught my ears on Left of Center (the indie/college station on Sirius satellite radio) last week. and lo and behold, they have 5 albums out...and i was completely unaware of their existence until now.

3) saturday night involved me meeting up with my friend Chad to see Paramore, a band from here in the nashvegas area that is making waves on the rock scene. it was part of the Nashville Crawfish Broil Festival. i know. that title just sounds hick. but as they played, just after New Found Glory and T-Pain, all was right with the world for about an hour.  they have an incredible stage presence.   see pics above.

4) julie is in las vegas and washington dc this week, and i miss her

5) our cats, panini and kitty, like to wake me up around 5a.m. so i can feed them. that does not work well for one who isn't a morning person. when julie's home, she will get up and feed them too. but....i wake up easier.
may all your days be merry and bright.