Friday, July 11, 2008


... was GREAT! Brian and I had a fabulous time. Yes, we did some of the tourist-ey stuff but the best part was getting to know many tongan and samoan young adults. They live in a dualistic world; one of ipods and "normal" clothes and another of rich culture and heritage and a completely different language. One experience we had was that we had never been to a luau in a gym and we had never been to a luau where we knew most of the dancers. It was amazing! Such talent and gifts. Many of the young adults are so "on-fire" with God. The young adults in the Hawaii district will remain close to my heart.


erin said...

i'm so jealous cause you could have seen courtney! boo! i'm so far away. 12 timezones away to be percise. u know courtney wolf and katie carter are living in honolulu for 6 months...been there since april/may? argh! the pictures look beautiful. i'm sure ya'll had an amazing time!