Saturday, February 27, 2010

my eardrums are happy, or why music is great

i love those moments in life that remind you why you are passionate about something.  they can make you smile for days.  one of those moments happened last night as julie and i were on one of our date nights.  we've decided to take 1 night a week and go on a date.   we usually don't do anything big, but it's time for us to spend time together as a couple.

so like i said, we were on 1 of our dates last night.  we went to black angus restaurant for dinner.  we then decided to walk off part of our dinner by heading to the mall.  we wandered into the lego store and eventually found ourselves in the apple store.  i found myself playing with an iphone while julie headed over to the ipod section.   in my normal a.d.d. fashion, i grew bored with the iphone after a bit & played on some of the macbooks.  i discovered a fun program called djay that allows you to be a turntablist using songs on your itunes.  awesome. 

i then wandered over to where julie was listening to an ipod, somewhat curious as to what was keeping her attention for so long, especially since she has her own ipod.  this is when that aforementioned moment happened.  she was listening to some songs via the bose quiet comfort headphones that apple attaches to their ipods.  holy crap the sound is amazing.  she 1st had me listen to billy joel's "we didn't start the fire" and then to a couple other songs.  we loved what these headphones did for the effects and texture of the songs.  i listened to starflyer 59's "concentrate" and immediately noticed drum effects that i didn't notice on my own ipod.  

all of this made us excited about listening to music, getting lost in it when that perfect song hits you and julie being able to really understand why all of that happens to me so often.  it was a great moment, and i thank apple for making it possible.

[as an aside, have any of you seen the new microsoft windows retail stores?  why is it that they look exactly like the apple retail stores?  microsoft should have tried being different instead of copying their competition.]