Wednesday, March 17, 2010

beep! beep!

the luck of the irish was with me this afternoon.  i say that because, as i write this, it is st. patrick's day.   

today was my lucky day for 1 reason:  i saw my 1st roadrunner!  well, actually my 1st and 2nd roadrunners.  1 was plump like our cat squiggs and the other was skinny like our other cat panini.  if you don't know, pretty much ever since i came to arizona for the 1st time, i decided that a goal would be to see a roadrunner in the wild.  it finally happened this afternoon as i was stretching outside just before my run.  they walked over to julie's car after casually hopping down from the roof of the house across the street.  they would stop every few feet or so and put their tails almost straight up in the air.  i'm not sure if it was for balance, or as a sign of being alert for predators or perhaps both.  either way, i experienced a few incredible minutes while watching these 2 creatures walk and run in our little cul-de-sac.  

unfortunately i didn't have a camera on hand when it happened.  the only piece of electronic gadgetry i had was my ipod (which was playing "canadian girl" by the walkmen during this event).   it would have been great to take a picture, especially since 1 of the birds came within 30 feet of where i was standing.

although real roadrunners look nothing like the character from the classic looney tunes cartoons (as the above picture shows), i thought i would post an episode in honor of this monumental day.