Wednesday, October 7, 2009

football (both kinds)

i heart the interwebs. thanks to the wonderful connectivity it creates, this saturday looks to be pretty sweet.

i did a bit of cybersphere research and found out about the phoenix chapter of the central michigan university alumni group. occasionally, they have events. as alumni groups like to do. turns out, they organize places to watch cmu football games. that is, of course, the american meaning of "football". so, saturday morning julie & i are heading to buffalo wild wings to watch cmu take on eastern michigan university...and to hang out with fellow cmu alums. sweet. :)

then, that night, we're headed to a wonderful british pub downtown phoenix called the george & dragon to watch my favorite kind of football. the united states takes on honduras in a world cup qualifying match! woohoo! the game starts at 10pm eastern, so grab your mates & join the rest of us in watching this one. this shin-dig is being organized by phoenix rising, a group that is trying to bring a usl division 1 team to phoenix. usl (united soccer leagues) is a cool league that is set up much like the soccer leagues in other countries, with relegation and promotion models. if you don't know what i mean by that, ask me. i'm a fan of that way of doing professional sports. this, of course, will be a great way to meet fellow soccer fans here in the valley (a nickname for phoenix). since the game won't be shown on network tv or cable (a sarcastic "thanks" to the u.s. soccer federation for that one), here's a website that lists bars across the country that will be showing it

fire up chips! go usa!


Josh said...

Brian, the FIFA World Cup semi-finals or something like that are in Abu Dhabi later this year. If you and Julie need to come and visit me and need a place to stay, let me know. ;)

Our PJ Life said...

josh, thanks for giving us 1 more reason to visit you. :) now if we could only find jobs so we could have the cash to make the trip...