Sunday, October 11, 2009

the saturday adventure

as it turned out, saturday turned out to be another one of those days that prove you never know what's going to happen. oh, please click on this --> pic. it's brilliant.

julie & i woke up early saturday morning to drive to buffalo wild wings (bww) to catch the cmu vs. emu game. we were hoping the cmu alumni group that would be there would be a decent amount of people. as it turned out, it wasn't. thanks to bww being a bit of a distance from anywhere and it being 9 a.m., the total that showed up were 4...including julie & i. doug and his son davis were there. doug graduated from cmu in '67. he was there before the malt shoppe. if you know cmu, you know the malt shoppe. i thought it had been there since the beginning of time. it's one of those places. the game turned out to be great. at half-time, the chippewas were up 35-0. we decided to leave, since cmu had the game decided by that point. i later found out they won 56-8. that's not a typo. it's nice to see the football program at cmu finally having some success. it's just sad that it's happening after i graduated. they were horrible then. i think they won a total of 4 games in the 4 years i was there.

as for the u.s. vs. honduras match...that was a different story. i rode the light rail into downtown phoenix to the george & dragon. met a few fellow soccer supporters there, along with the folks involved with phoenix rising. the surprising thing was the george & dragon never showed the game. what? you say. here's why. most bars that were showing it were asking a $20.00 cover to pay for the cost of piping the game in from honduras, because it cost them $1500 to do it. it's a copyright thing. the george & dragon asked for no cover and was going to show it via an underground internet stream. but, as it happened, the stream gave their computer a virus...which prevented us from viewing the game and killed the computer at the george & dragon. yes. sad and tragic. but, the u.s. won 3-2, which means they've qualified for the world cup next year! go yanks!

even though the plans called for seeing 2 football games, and i only saw half of one, it still was a good day. both my teams won. the u.s. has another match on wednesday, this one against costa rica. i plan on actually watching that one with the phoenix rising group, who seem to be a good batch of folks.