Wednesday, October 21, 2009

intimacy on a grand scale

those were some of the words uttered by bono last night as U2 performed at the university of phoenix stadium here in phoenix as part of their 360 tour. intimacy on a grand scale in the midst of a spaceship-like stage as they performed some of their classics like "sunday, bloody sunday", "where the streets have no name", as well as songs off their new album "no line on the horizon".

bono, as part of his continued efforts to help the underprivileged, also brought to light the plights of people in africa, tehran and other countries. while they played "walk on", he dedicated the song to aung san suu kyi, a burmese woman who has been unjustly placed under house arrest because she was elected as prime minister of her country. not to mention the video they had of desmond tutu giving a speech in thanks of the help given to africa to combat the AIDS epidemic.

we took some pictures and videos of the show, and here are a few of them to help you enjoy the amazingness that is U2.